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Fruits, Nuts & Dry Fruits
In over 10 years of organic promotion, Morarka has worked in many areas, traditionally known for Fruit Cultivation, as well as in many areas, where organic agenda has been focused on organic fruit cultivation.

·  The project areas in Himachal Pradesh were taken up to bring some of the major fruits being cultivated under intensive chemical inputs management to organic management.
·  In Sikkim, many fruits have already been brought under organic management.
·  In Gujarat, The Kutch project areas, the entire program has been to introduce the cultivation of Organic fruit production.
·  Similarly a new project has been initiated in Northeast - Nagaland to promote organic cultivation of Pineapple.
·  In many other areas, some farmers on their own have been taking up organic cultivation of fruits.
·  In Maharashtra, farmers have taken up Banana and Orange cultivation.
·  In many places, many city farms (within 30-50 Kms radius and owned by urban rich people) have also enrolled for organic production, and large percentage of them have been interested in fruit cultivation.

In short all these initiatives have enabled fairly large areas to come under organic fruit cultivation. But value chain management of fruits has also been very difficult. For handling fresh produce, the present volumes makes  logistics to become very expensive, thus the final price becomes very high, and thus the organic fruit does not get picked up at the retail counter. We have therefore been now concentrating on creating value addition infrastructure. Presently Dehydration is being experimented for some fruits, for some pulp making has begun and for some we are working to convert them in to Frozen form.

For the Nuts & Dry Fruits, only few selected items have only been converted to Organic. Presently Almond & Walnut have come under organic management in Himachal Pradesh. For Cashew, we are currently sourcing it from our associates.

• Aonla • Apple • Banana • Cherries • Custard Apple • Coconut • Dates
• Lemon-Kinnu • Mango • Mausmi Sweet Lime • Orange • Papaya • Peach
• Pears • Pineapple • Plum • Pomegranate • Saffota Chiku • Muskmelon
• Watermelon.