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Kamal M Morarka
kamal morarka
Intrinsically woven into India's tradition and culture, philanthropy has perpetuated itself down the ages and lives on even today. Mr. Kamal Morarka, a leading industrialist born in a traditional Marwari family, is striving to create social capital.

An industrialist, politician and social worker, Mr. Morarka has many facets to him.
 His initiatives, with the M.R.Morarka GDC Rural Research Foundation, have been able to make a difference in the lives of villagers from one of the most backward areas of Rajasthan.Organic traces its roots to the Morarka Foundation and the Morarka family. Its chairman Mr. Kamal Morarka firmly believes that more than resources, it is the resource management capabilities of the rural poor that needs immediate intervention.

Although Mr. Morarka was born and brought up in Mumbai, he visited Shekhawati quite often in his childhood. It was the seat of all religious ceremonies in the family. The backwardness of the region in stark contrast with the dynamism of Mumbai, was a reality check. Thus his activities in Shekhawati along with the Morarka Foundation, is his way of giving back to his roots. 

In essence, Mr. Kamal Morarka and the Morarka Foundation's activities are directed extensively towards social concerns. The effort is towards creating sustainable and economically balanced solutions for rural communities. Morarka Organic keeps this philosophy in mind and works for a better tomorrow by bringing about a change, today.

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