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Career Opportunities
Human Resource Policy and Recruitment
From being a not for profit voluntary organization, delivering services at the grass root level, Morarka Foundation is now also recognized as a professional service delivery agency. This transformation has been possible through many changes that occurred during its 20 years tenure, especially related to its Human Resource Policy.
To begin with, almost everyone was recruited from the field project area's itself. A combination of qualified and even non-qualified persons formed the teams responsible for delivery of services.
Subsequently, with increasing demands for technically qualified professionals, Morarka Foundation joined hands with academic institutions to launch professional courses. Morarka Foundation provided the candidates joining these courses job guarantee and thus the core team of human resource could take shape by recruiting them.
With new initiatives requiring professionals with diverse qualifications and at various levels of organizational hierarchy, The Foundation has been recruiting about 20 new both as trainees as well as senior level experts with sufficient experiences in their own fields.
Though the internal team of Morarka Foundation is expanding rapidly, still it has adopted the policy of outsourcing many functional activities to outside professional organizations and agencies.
Today, Morarka Foundation intends to focus on its core areas of technology development and delivery of professional services.
International experts are also engaged to introduce Knowledge Management Concept ensuring the continuity of knowledge transfer in its human resource.
Organizational Hierarchy
To manage its operations, it has already put in place a completely professional Organizational Hierarchy, Policies, Processes and Internal Procedures. The present Organizational Hierarchy is divided into entry of professionals at five levels.
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Regularly we have vacancies in the functional areas of Marketing, Finance, Accounts, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Program Management, Program Delivery, and International Operations at all levels for suitable candidates.
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