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Organic Crop Cultivation Technology
Organic Crop Cultivation Technology for 300 Crops & Herbs…
Research & Development

Research & Development at Morarka has been its main strength. We have invested over 70 percent of our own resource in conducting research to find most suitable solutions. Many of them being first time in the world have enabled us to progress very fast. Almost all of them have also been in the frontier areas of cutting edge technologies in this field. The diversified portfolio of R & D mandate at Morarka has also made it to become a unique initiative out side the government and is now recognized as a leading resource organization in the Country. 

Organic Cultivation Technology

Biotechnology for Agriculture

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Organic Cultivation Technology

Small innovations in our methodologies for implementation have given us great dividends. One such activity is related to our own research & development work. Right from the beginning, we had decided that we will not set up any farm of our own to conduct experiments and trials for developing new technologies for organic cultivation. While this made our job slightly difficult, but the outcome has been many times more rewarding.
In the first place we had many times more trials being conducted simultaneously to test any new method and or input, it also provided the scope of variations required to test the suitability of a new technology in one go itself. It also eliminated the time lag and the need to carry a new technology from lab scale to field scale of operations. Anything tested and if found successful it was immediately adopted by many more farmers.

In the last ten years or so Morarka has already developed organic cultivation practices for over 180 different crops in almost over 10 different agro climatic zones in India.