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Human Resource

Human Resource

In its history of 20 Years, Morarka Foundation has been growing in leaps and bounds.
From just a small team of 5 persons in 1993-94, today it has become a 500+ strong team spread all over India. Outside India with strategic collaborations, it has many more professionals on board.

The workforce is divided according to the functional /intervention areas.In many places where it has collaborative initiatives the workforce is generally engaged by the partners.

The Morarka Foundation has been working in many areas. Still the core operational area is Nawalgarh, where a much larger diversity of activities and programs are implemented. Most of the socialsector servicedelivery activities such as health, education, savings, employment of handicapped etc  are carried out in Nawalgarh and surrounding areas only.

The only exception to above is the HIV-AIDS prevention program among Commercial Sex Workers in desert districts of Rajasthan, namely Jaiselmer and Barmer.

The new and innovative initiatives are also first experimented at Nawalgarh only. The
etc are restricted to Nawalgarh.

Across the country and internationally it is focused on Organic Agriculture, Soil Fertility Management, Vermiculture, Biotechnology in Environmental Management, Food Quality Management, Information Technology Applications in Agriculture etc.

The Biotechnology for environmental management mostly for solid waste management and waste-water recycling is being taken up on professional fee basis.

Similarly since last few years farm consultancy, turnkey execution of organic farming management services, information technology application management works are also being introduced on fee basis.

The fee-based services are being taken up first to augment its own resources for R&D plus these services are given to corporate and government clients, who can afford to pay.

For each program the management team including technical experts& extension workers are engaged separately. The central administrative functions are managed through its corporate office in Jaipur.

Organic Agriculture

This Division is based at our Head Quarter at Jaipur. The main responsibilities of the division is to develop, plan, implement and monitor the progress of various organic agriculture projects across the country and to provide timely support and technical assistance to the field teams.

The strength of this division can be assessed from the outreach details explained in other sections.

The Vermiculture, Food Quality Management, Soil Fertility Management is also clubbed under this division.

In many areas the development of technologies for food processing is also assigned to this division.

The farm consultancy services are delivered by the experts and farmers on our panel listed by this division.

Information Technology

This division is head quartered at Jaipur. In our efforts to reduce the program implementation and certification cost, this division has been created. We have further divided this division into three sub-divisions and out sourced the application and software development to the professional agencies. The delivery of services is managed by our own professional experts.

The E LIBRARY, ON LINE EDUCATION etc are also carried out by this division only.

The website servicing for both  Morarka Foundation as well as Morarka Organic Foods Limited is also under their domain.


The Biotechnology Lab established many years back, is providing technology backup for all our programs. For this Lab, though we have a very small Core Team of in house Scientists, but we have very strong relationships with a panel of Senior Scientists. In addition, we provide facilities to biotechnology students to get practical training, where both the student as well as the organization gets benefitted.

The waste water recycling, solid waste management technology development to project execution is also handled by this dicision.

Administration &Program Management

With increasing emphasis on professionalization, Morarka Foundation has set up an independently functioning Human Resource and Administration Division. Besides, its Core Team, this division also outsource professional help. 

In addition, the senior staff in this division is also responsible for administration of programs like HIV-AIDS, Tourism, Heritage, Landscaping, Plantation, etc.

In addition to the Core Team of Professionals, engaged on full time basis and responsible for programs, projects and activities, about 300 more persons are also engaged in various support activities, exclusively as well as partly working for Morarka Foundation.