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Community Kitchen Project
  • Morarka Foundation has taken one more innovative step to introduce "Community Kitchen Center". Foundation has provided gas cylinder and gas stoves connections at the centers.

  • Village women comes at the center with their stuffs and cooked their food to pay a very nominal charges to the representative of the group to make the project self sustainable at their end.

  • This facility is cost saving for rural families.
  • This minimizes the use of fossil fuels that in turn harm the atmosphere by releasing poisonous gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc. It also helps in fuel conservation.

  • The chullahs in their houses were very smoky and as a result, after prolonged use, the woman suffers from a number of respiratory and eye diseases, however the cooking range is smokeless.

  • The women have to travel long distances to collect fuel wood, losing a lot of time and energy, which is saved through the community kitchens.

  • Now the women have engaged them themselves with skill development programs run by the foundation and associated with Self Help Group.