Knowledge Management Services: Klick KMS
Morarka Foundation is focused on developing Organic farming and has developed many technologies to help farmers to convert their land in to Organic farm. We have through encouragement from Indian Government and state Governments have successfully completed many projects to help convert to Organic farming and have operations far flung.  We don’t have a system to maintain records of all farmers and their farm land. Hence the need to develop an effective and structured information system was felt by our Management. more...
We have so far created records of various projects completed by Foundation, market development, Staff records, Vendor records, Publications, news clippings etc and continuing documenting all the knowledge created by the organization in last 15 years. 
What is Klick KMS :
klickkms ( is a Knowledge Management Tool for an individual and an organization alike. It is a distributed hyper-media system, which supports creation, capture, storage and dissemination of information.It  enables :

Central Repository for All Information
Secure Data Transfers and Storage
Ease of Accessing Information
Protecting Information from Unauthorized Access
Increased Availability of Information
Reduced IT infrastructure Costs
Better Data Movement in the Organization
Sharing and Protection of Organizational Knowledge

KlickKMS can be used as a Web Application for anywhere - access over Internet, or can be installed within your network as an internal Knowledge Management Tool.
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