Microfinance and Self Help groups
It has been recognized that rural women plays a vital role in the home system and also contribute substantially in bringing income by contributing directly & indirectly in productive activities ranging from traditional work in the field, running small and petty businesses. This has helped them in saving and also led to increase the family income.

Women in most of the developing countries today, especially in the rural area, is being inspired to break free from the boundations of any societal or religious conditioning that have traditionally kept them suppressed and emphasis is being laid on their active participation in the main stream of development process.

Therefore, it is important and utmost necessary to make rural women empowered in taking decision to enable them to be in the central part of any human development process.

Our Initiative

Morarka Foundation too wanted to empower the rural women of Rajasthan by creating the awareness of saving from their daily caring to handle any emergencies in their day to day lives.

Since daily wages of these rural women are very little, it was not possible to open bank accounts for them. Also we needed a system which was simple for them to understand and which they belonged to them and which they felt were part of them. So it was decided to create a simple tool utilizing Micro Finance as tool to also achieve social and economic objectives in rural and urban areas. Beginnings with the household saving, linkages have also been provided with the bank to augment the group kitty. The Foundation has also extended financial support to the groups for initiating many income generating activities.

Self help group are formed of 20-30 women living in one area and a leader is elected by the members who will manage the group activities mainly the micro finance. Every month a fixed amount is saved by all members and the amount collected is utilized for welfare of the members. Also the members can avail loans at very reasonable interest to take of any of their personal needs or to start a business to earn a living. Every transaction is noted and all the money that comes in gets accounted systematically in a register. Self Help groups are mainly managed by women and senior citizens who have time and need to regain their self esteem in society.

We have 158 Self Help Groups (1993-2014) and all are doing great service to the society. Our Project Coordinator is closely monitoring the whole activities and attends their monthly meetings and act as moderator to solve any issue or take a final decision in any matter related to Micro finance. List of SHG depicting the no of members, amount collected per month and loans/ grants from bank shows how it is helping the families associated with the same. To enable better communication between the SHG head and our coordinator, we have provided a mobile instrument. This also enables them to be connected with their members and family.

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