Information Technology Solutions
Information for long being recognized as an input to knowledge has acquired a new status of being a "RESOURCE" like land, capital and technology.

It is only now that agriculture is being transformed. Today even marketing policies, institutions and arrangements are now also being integrated with Information Technology.

Use of Information Technology can deliver comprehensive knowledge management platform that on one hand will provide unprecedented outreach for small and distributed producers in remote rural areas, on other hand it provides innovative solutions for an efficient organic market place.

For quite some time, IT applications were developed to provide only one way communication. In most of these initiatives Computers have been used for collection of information, records keeping, analysis of data and for reports generation. Mass media communication channels were utilized to disseminate information.

For long, the need has been felt to provide a combined platform that utilizes both Information Technology (IT) as well as Information Communication Technology (ICT).

This hybrid platform is capable of providing two way communications. Small innovations and additional infrastructure like IVR, VOIP, Contact Centre, etc. can provide multi-channel communication between the producers, buyers and other stakeholders.